Gong treatment


23.6-30.8. Every day  14.00  – 15.00  Sound Bath – Vedran Petrak

Sound Bath is a meditative concert that we not only listen, but we can feel deeply within our muscles due to vibrations of gongs and other ancient instruments, whereby we develop our relationship with sound throughout subtle and new sounds. Planetary gongs are set on the frequency of planets within solar system and they are also the perfect medium of the strong healing vibrations. To make the positive effect of Gong experience in the full force, there is not necessary that the music might be loud, but is crucial that the body is relaxed and safe. Therefore, the Sound Bath is listened in lying position, whereby the experience becomes deepest, and attention is more focuse on the subtle sensations inside the body. Such a relationship with sound helps personal development, but also it might help in everyday social relations and at the workplace because we learn through raising of consciousness how to really listen.