Mirela Nylan – Spiritual Tradition of the Inka


The mystical heritage of the Inka is one of the few indigenous spiritual traditions to have survived hundreds of years in an unbroken chain. In the Andean (Inka) tradition the universe, and everything in it, consists of living energy. In the Andean cosmology we are all forms of living energy, each with its own field of energy, qualities and frequencies.  In this cosmology there is no such thing as bad or good energy, simply energy that is either heavy or light. 

In this seminar participants will be initiated into the ancient teachings of the Inka and experience the world of living energies. 

They will learn techniques for freeing heavy energy from the body and cleanse and replenish their personal energy field. They will also work with male and female energy and integration of the two energies.

  This is the initiation into the Inka tradition and the connection with the lineage of Inka spiritual teachers. By the end of this workshop you will learn practical spiritual techniques which you can use at any time to harmonise your energy body and enhance your well-being.

Mirela Vukman Neylan is a spiritual teacher, homeopath, shamanic practitioner, sound healer and bioenergy therapist.