About us

Headmistress, Vesna Ba, has promoted these ideas for 20 years, bringing together people from many countries, helping them to expand their experience and knowledge.

When there are, in the one place, a larger number of people who are focused on the same goal, in this case on their own self-development, it is creating a critical mass and the collective energy that acts guided by its own intelligence. The idea is that during the summer holidays by the sea, sun, fun and dedication itself gather people from all over the world with the same target in order to realize ourselves fully. This creates a special kind of energy that results in a sense of community, ease, peace and joy.

Harmony programme  began as a programme of purification of our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) through a vegetarian diet, morning exercises, meetings, seminars and dances. Over time, after such complete work on self, our reprogramming started happening at all levels,  and we notice that our reality had been changed. As the body is released from natural toxins, together along with emotional and mental programming it leads to the release of “old chains”. The process of becoming conscious of yourselves and your bodies, opens up the subconscious limits of individual development and well-being of each individual. The fastest and easiest way to get rid of these symptoms is to accept yourself and your suppressed emotions.

Harmony programme has spontaneously become a programme of transformationBesides  plunging within, throught  which we reveal hidden nooks and crannies within ourselves, we can enjoy the outdoor beauty of Mediterane. Swimming in the sea, walking along the beautiful vistas, exploring hidden coves, beaches, olive groves, caves that are associated with immersion in our primeval beauty that we have forgotten somewhere.

I once read somewhere, what the term “Harmony” means:
“Confluence and reconciliation of two opposing sides of life: heaven and earth, spirit and matter, God and the devil, light and darkness, men and women, time and space, fire and water, body and soul, night and day, the unseen and the visible world.

Since contradictions have nothing in common, they can’t be directly connected. The two must be connected via a third  path of  connection between the extremes, and that is – Harmonia, which is often translated as Harmony, but more accurately means perfect unity in which the parts make a whole, and yet retain their separate identities.”

Harmony program is not only the form that includes some contents, it has become a kind of energetic body that operatesindependently from ourselves. I can say that it is the energy of a new beginning both for customer, leaders of seminars, employees andfor me either. I’ve witnessed enormous changes in individual lives that people have had after participating in Harmony program, so I can talk about Program with great love and respect. If you want to get involved in our Harmony family, it will be a great honor for me.

With love, Vesna Ba