Aleksandar Radomirović – Return to the natural time-return to oneself

You can notice that people are getting more and more distant from the nature, their friends, family, but primarily from themselves. At this moment we are living in the times that bring us many challenges, challenges that are brought to us by the calender and the clock we are following and living through. These are the center of every civilization, our’s as well, and they shape our mind. It is because we don’t have senses for time, we are experiencing it though our minds. Living the proportion of time that is not in accordance with nature is causing our gradual distancing from it. This seminar is teaching about the real proportion of the nature, following of which will allow us synchronization on physical and telepathic level with ourselves and everybody around us, by developing deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us. We do this through symbols of energies and vibrations of the day, days in the week, moons, runes, meditations, physical exercises and understanding of the Cosmic Laws. It Is how we can have deep insights about ourselves and our purpose. Teacher Aleksandar Radomirović is a follower of Mayan calendar, performs Mayan ritual-energetic cleansing and intuitive readings.