Matic Anzeljc – How to improve the quality of life

Matic Anzeljc – Natural Cosmetics and Cleansing of the Body for a Healthy Life

An old proverb said: “A sound mind in a healthy body.” Man of 21st century in all areas of life comes into contact with toxic chemicals that harm our daily health and quality of life. At the theoretical and practical workshop, we’ll systemically introduce positive impacts of natural alternatives that support our health. We’ll make natural cosmetics (soaps, creams, toothpaste), we will  be get acquainted by the various methods of detoxifying the body with the use of natural products, we’ll visit a near local site of the medical mud and we’ll use its beneficial properties. Each workshop participant will gain practical, usable knowledge for a healthier life.

I do research of the natural way of life and I am a lover of nature because it generously gives us everything we need for life on Earth. I’m sure that in the modern world we can live in harmony with natural laws. For this reason, I make cosmetics without toxic additives and I explore different techniques of detoxification of the body. All that I want to share with others, since this knowledge enables everyone better life.