Ana i Nešo Vulin – Rejuvenation

_MG_3795We all want to be younger, more beautiful, healthier and to live longer. But the question is how to reverse the inherited record of our DNA about the opposite processes which lead us to inevitably end. Parents give negativity, illness and oldness to their children. Concerns, failure and disease are the main reasons why people do not want to live any more. And then rapidly begin to activate the aging process. But aging and death are not indivertible processes. Probably you have noticed that people of the same age, don’t have the same biological age. The reason is: “Your body is old how old is your spirit.” Release of negativity increases vitality of your energy body and thereby youthfulness.

Negativities that are reduce vitality are traumatic birth, negative thoughts, parental conditioning, unconscious urge of death, past lives, senility, and religious, school and sexual trauma.

”Immortality is the only idea worth dying for.”

Through technique of conscious breathing – ‘rebirthing’, that is ideal to increase vitality and eliminate the emotional trauma and fears. For cleansing and energizing emotional body we shall work with the next elements: earth, water, fire, air – grounding exercise, purification power of the sun, consciously connected breathing, breathing vitality, scalar breathing technique … We will work also with affirmation technique and dyad to transform the aging process in the process of rejuvenation.

Age is a disease then can be cured with youth.

The participants will learn the practice of Fountain of Youth – 5 Tibetan exercise for youthfullness and longevity.