Angelica Horvatić – Heal Your Traumas and Take THE ABUNDANCE which Belongs to You

Angelica Horvatić – Heal Your Traumas and Take THE ABUNDANCE which Belongs to You

zeljka01Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent upon money – your flow of money is dependent upon your prosperity consciousness.

Everything, according to quantum physics, including money – is Energy.

By Law of Attraction, like vibrations are attracted to each other and dissimilar vibrations repel. So you will never attract prosperity into your life if you are constantly sending out vibrational waves of poverty and lack.

This workshop will help you to open up to a life of abundance and contentment, free from feelings of dissatisfaction and insecurity.

It will increase your energy levels and your positivity and creativity, help you strengthen your personal relationships, achieve financial success and let go of the fears that have held you back in your life.

As someone who was born in a very poor family and have spent most of her life living in that poverty and then totally shook that belief system off, healed the trauma related to it, removed her abundance blocks and – became a real ABUNDANCE MAGNET – Angelica is a perfect example that Manifestation of Abundance really Works! 🙂

What you can expect from this workshop:

A week of total life TRANSFORMATION – through deep, intense, mindful and conscious work on yourself, a week of total cleansing and healing – on conscious and unconscious level.

Expect “Old for New change” – change of your darkest fears connected to poverty or never having enough to light, free and joyous feelings of Abundance, Material Gain and Security. 

Expect a Radical Change of your old thinking, feeling and behavioural patterns related to abundance, an intense integration of everything learned and an amazing Manifestation of Abundance in days, weeks, months and years after this workshop!

Be ready for your light bulb moments, many transformational ideas and learning, for loads of fun ( ‘laughter is the best medicine’ ), group interactions, shadow work, inner child work exercises, regression therapy, eye gazing exercises, guided meditations, thourough weekend practice of Completion Process so you can become your own ‘psychotherapist’ when you get home!

As I am famous for giving Loads of homework – I believe TRUE TRANSFORMATION comes with –the practice! ( for listening / watching there is always YouTube – this workshop is ONLY for those – who Are READY for some HARD WORK!

Angelica Horvatic is spiritual teacher, Teal Swan’s Completion Process Facilitator, NLP Mater Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.  

Born and raised in Croatia, in last 16 years, during her studies and work in the UK and the Middle East, she has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

With almost all of her first life experiences having been very traumatic, Angelica realizes very early on, in her “battle for life”, not everyone was lucky to have her speed, strength and joy for LIFE, and that she is chosen for helping others to get it.

From her Law studies, she throws herself into studying English, Fitness, Nutrition, then Business &Corporate Coaching, just to get into NLP and Hypnosis which fascinated her.

At the beginning of May 2016. Teal Swan, world famous spiritual teacher, trainer and author has chosen Angelica as one of her first facilitators from and for the Balkan and the Middle East to “ help people alter paradigms and break free” with Teal’s Completion Process.

Angelica is very passionate about helping others with her workshops – after working over a decade on her own limiting beliefs about money which were deeply ingrained whilst growing up in Croatia before, during and after the civil war.
Life in London and Dubai for last 16 years has made a huge impact on her life – combining the amazing wisdom of Eastern Europe, West and the Middle East – she has helped herself and others to learn and adapt the new concepts of true abundance.

“Conquer your mountain!” is her motto – Be, Have and Do ALL that you always knew you deserve!