Angelica Horvatic – Money and spirituality

untitled-248-Edit-1This workshop will challenge and change your current thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and the way you feel about money and prosperity.
What do you believe about money? Do you believe it’s hard to earn? Do you believe that there is enough? Do you believe everything is expensive and you can never save enough money? Are you friends with money or is it an enemy?
If any of these sound like you, it is time for you to work on your money issues.
The abundance of the Universe is available to everyone but too often people reject the prosperity, consciously and / or unconsciously. True wealth can only be achieved when all areas of life are balanced and abundant, otherwise you may feel rich and still not wealthy.
Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent upon money – your flow of money is dependent upon your prosperity consciousness.
Everything, according to quantum physics, including money – is Energy. By Law of Attraction, like vibrations are attracted to each other and dissimilar vibrations repel. So you will never attract prosperity into your life if you are constantly sending out vibrational waves of poverty and lack.

Workshop with Angelica will help you open up to a life of abundance and contentment, free from feelings of dissatisfaction and insecurity. It will increase your energy levels and your positivity and creativity, help you strengthen your personal relationships, achieve financial success and let go of the fears that have held you back in your life.
Angelica is very passionate about helping others with her workshops – after working over a decade on her own limiting beliefs about money which were deeply ingrained whilst growing up in Croatia before, during and after the civil war.
Studying and working in London and Dubai for last 15 years has made a huge impact on her life, combining the amazing wisdom of Eastern Europe, West and the Middle East, she has helped herself and others to learn and adapt the new concepts of true abundance.