Astrid Yamuna Büer – Ayurveda Yoga

Astrid15Astrid Yamuna Büer – Ayurveda Yoga 

Specific in Ayurveda Yoga is that the exercises are compatible with the personal constitution (dosha). In this workshop we will make two tests:

  • the guna test (rajas, tamas, sattwa)
  • the dosha test (rajas, tamas, sattwa)

We practice:

Asanas: different asanas and other yoga exercises and explain how they influence the doshas

Pranayamas (breathing exercises):

  1. for each dosha
  2. for each of 5 different arts of prana in our body (prana, apana, samana, udana, vyana)

Meditations: different meditations für the doshas.

Mantras: for chakras and for specific parts of the body, the use of mantras.

The activity of the doshas changes during the day and during the year, so we will look which part of the day (or nigt) is the best for bringing in balance the each dosha; also in whitch part of the year the doshas increase, and how to balance them in the easiest way. We complete all this with the recipes for strenghtening the pranas in the body and balancing the doshas.

Astrid Buer Yamuna had the opportunity to learn directly from Dinah Rodrigues. She lives and teaches in Graz, Austria.

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