Bernard Svete – Heart sings within beauty of the Harmony

Bernard Svete – Heart sings within beauty of the Harmony

bernard-12Bernard will guide you through the music, meditation, qi gong in the states of the consciousness that you will be able to experience yet a different vision and view of where and what harmony is and how it is achieved and maintained, at the time when it is most needed. We are going to learn to live from
the heart, so that every new day will be the holiday.

Through qigong you will learn to train vitality for a healthy and strong body. We will look how to change the quality of the energy field and how to protect yourself.

Through the guided meditation with the accompaniment of the guitar will Bernard guide you to the i nter i or of the res i dence to experience that the body is really a temple and that the heart is in fact the altar, the place of residence of the deity. Notes will be like a prayer, they will led in the essence of your being and fuse you in the infinite … you will  Experience peace, joy, love, wisdom, beauty, happiness and holiness.

Bernard Svete is the master of the Daoist skills, kriya yogi and musician. More than 22 years, practices and teaches the skills that help people maintain and raise the health, harmony and understanding of the reality of the being.