Bernard Svete – How to Live in Love

Bernard Svete – How to Live in Love

Bernard will guide you through verified ancient yogic techniques in diferent states of awareness and consciousness, and with it into realization what is in reality good and bad; and into awakening as Taoist saying goes what is true and untrue heart; and what is the mystery behind the curtain on the stage of this world.

Awakening, realization, concentration, meditation, pranayama, qigong, transcendence, self-realization, truth, enlightenment, kundalini, samadhi …this are some of the themes which will guide us to see and experience what is real LOVE and how consciously in eternity dwell in it.

Bliss, holiness, wisdom, love, power, joy and abundance is your inheritance, which is yours always and forever and it is bid to you on each step in your life until your recognize and live in it with whole your glow.

Of course the music with its holiness and purity will give us very precious help.

Bernard Svete is the master of the Daoist arts, kriya yogi and musician. More than 23 years, practices and teaches the skills that help people maintain and raise the health, vitality, harmony and understanding of the reality of the being.


“Only Love will save you”