Bernard Svete – Qigong for Vitality, Health & Long Life


Bernard  is a realized master of taoist arts practicing and teaching for 19 years. His main focus in teaching is to bring the essence of the art to people of real interest. Practices are very simple and easy, but they need to be understood and correctly practiced to be effective.

We will learn fundamental and advaced practices:

…how to increase vitality, …how to harmonize energy body to have harmonic life, …transform stress in to vitality, …how to take responsibility for your health on every level and participate in life processes in your being, …we will look how to chanel your energy into spiritual life, …and how to discover your real and true nature.

Themes we will mention: Medical qigong, Daodejing, Yijing, daoist cosmology, feng shui, daoist inner alchemy, microcosmic orbit, chakras, meridians, kriya yoga, kundalini, mudras, daoist gongfu, taijiquan, baguazhang, invocations, diferent states of consciousness, …and more welcome …