Blanka Šauperl – Kundalini Yoga – Me, You and We – Recognising that the Other Person is You!

Blanka Šauperl – Kundalini Yoga – Me, You and We – Recognising that the Other Person is You!

Jogy Bhajan said: Recognize that the other person is you! Relationship is nothing but a totally extended expirience of the self, our uniqueness.

Every day we are in a relationship with people around us. In own family, in relation to children, partner, parents … Working in relation to colleagues, superiors, clients … And then we are also in relation to ourselves and to God, the universe …

Have I integrated authentic relationships into all areas of my life? Are my relationships held in a manner that uplifts everyone and does not let anyone down? Do I recognise myself and am I in a creative, dinamic relationship with my infinite Self, which is God.

Ability to love myself is the fundation for authentic relationiship with others. If I act from my true self then I project love and wisdom and conquer any fears and defeses that may taint my relationships.

With Kundaloga Yoga kriyas and meditations, we will get on the way to recognize ourselves and create authetic relationships in each area of your life.

The seminar consists of theoretical part and practical techniques of Kundalini Yoga.

Blanka Šauperl is a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, a student of Kartha Singh in the Amrit Nam Sarovar school in France, where she finished teacher training for Kundalini yoga. In the second level of education, she has finished modules for authentic relationships and stress and vitality led by teacher Sadhana Singh. In 2015, in his school, he completed the education of 21 stages of meditation in Rome. In 2017, she finished teacher training of Leadership and Success in Rome. She also conducted a seminar to teach Kundalini yoga for teenagers. After 5 years of practicing Hatha Yoga, she has been teaching Kundalini yoga for adults and seniors for 8 years and for 2 years teenagers in elementary school.