Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland) – Psychology and Shamanism: What Can Inter-personal Relationships Teach Us about Ourselves?

17.7. – 24.7.

Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland) – Psychology and Shamanism: What Can Inter-personal Relationships Teach Us about Ourselves?

Every relationship with another huma being is an alchemical process.

Thanks to relations with people, we have opportunity to get to know ourselves better: we can know our patterns in subconscious mind, our personality, needs and desires. We are able to know certain aspects of ourselves in various relationships.

There are people whose presence causes:

  • that we feel like being „at home”, we are relaxed and authentic,
  • or we limit our expression and suppress emotions,
  • maybe we feel anger or anxiety
  • there are people whom we allow to cross our borders or we are totally closed to others
  • some of people fascinate us, we fall in love with them at first sight and we feel like we have always known them
  • and with others we feel like children and subconsciously we want them to look after us
  • there are those who awake passion within us
  • and these people who are helping us to expand our conscience and awaken creativity

During the workshop we will use the psychological knowledge and knowledge from indigenous cultures as well as spiritual perspective (in the sense of developing consciousness, not in a religious sense) about the role of relationships in our lives.

We will take a look at relationships with parents, friends and love relationships with partners.

It will be a fascinating journey!

Any relationship can teach us something. People are mirrors who help us see invisible or hidden parts of our subconscious mind and the secrets of our Soul.

This, what we experience in deep relationships, reflects inner programs in the subconscious mind as well as important lessons that we are to learn from the level of our Soul.

What will you learn thanks to the workshop:

  • You will recognize your basic subconscious relationship patterns and programs
  • You will discover the lessons that the most important people in your life have given you
  • You will gain knowledge how to work with yourself to improve the quality of relationships with people
  • You will learn four stages-the seasons in a partnership relationship
  • You will learn why we feel fear of being really open to someone
  • You will learn the connection between relationships with people and your Inner Child
  • You will learn what the state of „falling in love” really is and what the projection mechanism is
  • You will discover what is inner Shadow and how it can influence your relations with people
  • You will learn the connection between the seven chakras and the connection and communication between you and the other person
  • You will learn how a couple in a relationship can work together to stop hurting and grow together in love and respect
  • You will discover the differences in communication based on the female and male principle
  • You will learn the role of empathy and how to develop this ability in every type of relationship
  • You will enter the space of the Heart to look at problems in the relationship from the perspective of the Soul
  • You will learn what the „Path of Love” is, according to Mexican shamanism and Toltec knowledge – artists of Love and Spirit.

Work tools:

  • Work with consciousness
  • Inner journeys in deep relaxation
  • Working with the subconscious and Higher Self
  • Expression in dance and movement
  • Work with the Heart Space
  • Hawaiian relationship harmonization ceremony – Ho’oponopono

During the workshop you will also experience the Cocoa Ceremony, which will help you to connect with your heart, feel gratitude for your life and look at relationships in a completely different way. For indigenous people from Mexico and South America, a raw Cocoa is considered as a Medicine that opens the heart of human being. In addition, drinking Cocoa has also a good effect on our body, increases the secretion of endorphins in the brain, increases the level of serotonin – in other words, improves mood and is a natural antioxidant.

About leader of seminar:

Dagmara Gmitrzak is a personal growth trainer, holistic therapist, sociologist, music therapist, teacher of relaxation techniques, journalist, author of eight books.
She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw with the three-years specialization: social and therapeutic help. She also completed postgraduate Journalism at the University of Warsaw, three years training: Music Therapy and Psychodrama, Mindfulness Meditation Training led by Ivan Milton- australian psychotherapist, and many more.

Since 2001 she works with the integration of western psychological knowledge with eastern systems of working with the body, heart, mind and energy system, as well as indigenous knowlegde from different cultures of the world.
She works in Transpersonal Psychology field, specialises in holistic therapy, enhancing the body, mind, heart connection, using relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, heart coherence techniques, creative visualisation, voice therapy, chakra therapy, as well as working on energetic level.

She runs personal development workshops and consultations in Poland, United Kingdom, Croatia, France, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia.
Also, she co-organises trips to exotic places in the world ( Bali, Hawaii), as part of project: traveling with personal growth.

Dagmara Gmitrzak – is the author of eight books:

  • „How to love yourself”
  • „Relaxation Training”
  • “Awaken Your Creativity”
  • “Heart Intelligence”.
  • “Training of Jaguar ‘
  • “Beat stress through relaxation techniques”
  • “Techniques of relaxation”
  • “Chakras: a journey into yourself”

She writes articles for the psychological magazine “SENSE”. More information:
Polish: www.rozwojosobisty.waw.pl
English: www.personalgrowth77.wixsite.com/growth