Dagmara Gmitrzak – Alchemy of Life Abundance

Dagmara Gmitrzak – Alchemy of Life Abundance

Dagmara01ABUNDANCE – is success, prosperity, vital energy, joy, love, but also a good financial situation, which is an expression of gratitude of the people and the universe, for what we share with others.

  • How to manifest the abundance in your life?
  • Is it sufficient  to use positive visualization and affirmations?
  • What is the most important in the “law of attraction”?

According to quantum physicists, we are beings of energy that emit energy at specific frequencies, depending on what thoughtswe have in our mind and what emotions we experience at the moment.

If you often get stressed, worried and concentrate on what we you are missing – your energy vibrations become “heavy”. If we compare it to the color, it’s like around us there are a lot of black and gray colors. As a result – we attract to our reality events and people with similar vibrations. We are out of the state of abundance and fullness.

If we focus our attention on something positive, if our thoughts are inspiring and positive- our vibration energy is rising and is ” lighter”. More often we attract positive events and like minded people.

But that’s not all – because the core of POSITIVE TRANSITION in our life is to change patterns at the cellular level.

As a result, our life enters a new track and we begin to experience prosperity and abundance in various areas.

To help you in this process during the workshop you will learn powerful tools to transform your beliefs, expand awareness and improve the quality of your life.

We will work both collectively and individually.

Working in a group of people who have a similar intention and desire to affect positive change in your life – it has enormous power. This power makes our transformation is gaining momentum.

During the workshop:

  • You will find out what attracts and what repels abundance in your life;
  • You will work with your subconscious mind to change the most negative beliefs that block you from a life in prosperity;
  • You will experience the “quantum” journey in time,  that will help you enter a new, positive patterns at the cellular level;
  • You will learn the technique of  FULLNESS, through which you can immediately increase your energy vibration and attract abundance;
  • Will you dance your dance of ABUNDANCE – to integrate  your body, heart and mind for receiving;
  • You will experience the power of positive intentions, working with electromagnetic field of your heart ( heart emits  more powerful field than your brain)
  • Finally, you will learn technique: ALCHEMY OF LIFE ABUNDANCE (you will need several symbols, associating you with abundance (bank notes, jewelery, something precious for your heart, image, etc ..)

Workshop will be conducted by:

DagmaraGmitrzak is a personal development trainer, holistic therapist, sociologist, music therapist,  author of the books.

She run two times workshop: “Heart Intelligence” in  HARMONY PROGRAM.

She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw with the three-years specialization: social and  therapeutic help. She also completed postgraduate Journalismat the University of Warsaw.

For several years she has been working with the integration of western psychological knowledge with eastern systems of working with the body, heart, mind and energy system, She is working in Transpersonal Psychology field.  She specialises in enhancing the body & mind& heart connection (relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, heart coherence techniques, creative visualisation, voice therapy).

Since 2001 she run personal development workshops, consultations and training for companies. She also co-organises trips to beautiful places in the world ( Bali, Hawaii).

She completed numerous training courses in Poland and in the world (including coaching course -Mindfulness mindfulness meditation, led by Ivan Miltona- Australian psychotherapist and a buddhist monk, a three-year course in Music Therapy and Psychodrama, hawaiianworking with body-mind and heart-  Kahi Loa and many more.

Dagmara06DagmaraGmitrzak – is the author of seven books:

  • “Awaken Your Creativity”
  • “The intelligence of the heart”.
  • “Training of  Jaguar ‘
  • “Beat stress through relaxation techniques”
  • “Techniques of relaxation”
  • “Chakras: a journey into yourself”

She writes articles for the psychological magazine “SENSE”.

More information: www.rozwojosobisty.waw.plwww.personalgrowth77.wixsite.com/growth