Dagmara Gmitrzak – Awake your Super Creative Genius and Feel the Magic of Life

Dagmara Gmitrzak – Awake your Super Creative Genius and Feel the Magic of Life

Seminar with Dagmara Gmitrzak- personal growth trainer, holistic therapist, music therapist, journalist,, author of seven books, including “Awake your creativity.”

Did you know that you are a creative and unique Being?

That truth can be manifest in the form of your creative work, realized ideas, creative solutions and creative life!

So let’s do it!

During this inspirational workshop you will learn:

  • What is creativity and creative thinking?
  • What characterizes the creative personality?
  • Why do creative people have some difficulties to adjust to certain rules and work for someone?
  • What blocks our natural creativity?
  • What is the “Renaissance soul”, who is the “Renaissance Being” and are you one of that Being?
  • How to create the best conditions for creation – or why the “ Space” is so important for the creator?
  • What are the most important creative phases and their challenges?
  • What is the difference between work, a career and a vocation- calling path?
  • What is the FLOW- state of mind named  by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi- psychologist from the University of Chicago and how to awake this creative state?
  • How to “catch” creative ideas – inspirations from writer Elizabeth Gilbert, and filmmaker David Lynch?
  • What is the state of “cantillation” – according to Australian doctor and writer John Diamond?
  • What is the technique of creative writing, recommended by Julia Cameron – writer, poet, author of theater plays, filmmaker?
  • How to work with an internal critic and an inner child to unlock your natural creativity?
  • What are the Golden Rights of Creativity?
  • What are the multiple intelligences, according to the psychologist Howard Gardner, and which ones you have the most developed (eg logical intelligence, verbal, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, emotional, ecological, spiritual, heart intelligence)?
  • How to unlock your relationship with money, and have financial abundance from your creative work?
  • How to use creativity to improve the various spheres of your life: relationships, health, work, etc.

You will learn and experience practical techniques:

  • Synchronization of left and right brain hemisphere
  • Entering into the Alpha and Theta state-  these are brain waves associated with relaxation and creativity
  • Creative visualizations and meditations: “Awakening of Super Creative Genius”, “Your Garden of Creativity and Inspiration”, “Encountered with “The Future Self”, which uses full advantage of its potential
  • Techniques of solving problems – searching for creative solutions of life situations
  • Creative drawing, dancing and singing

The workshop is aimed at people who:

  • Need creative inspiration
  • Want to know the knowledge from field of psychology of creativity and transpersonal psychology as well as know  practical techniques to awaken Creative Genius.
  • Want to use their creativity and create
  • Would like to change their job, do something “own” (eg writing, running workshops, running their own company, painting, interior design, singing, doing massages etc ..)
  • Want to combine work with passion
  • Would like to live more creatively
  • Want to follow the voice of their heart
  • Want to make money on their creativity and open for financial abundance

The awakening of Creative Genius within means:

  • Creative life, fulfill your dreams, realize your potential, be a traveler and an adventurer!

“Creativity makes life more fun and interesting.” – Edward de Bono

 “Every organism has one prime need – realizing its own potential.” – Rollo May

“Creativity leads to spirituality, and spirituality to creativity.” – Julia Cameron

“The best lesson I’ve learned is:” Just do it ” – Richard Branson

About leader:

Dagmara Gmitrzak is a personal growth trainer, holistic therapist, sociologist, music therapist, teacher of relaxation techniques, journalist, author of seven books.

She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw with the three-years specialization: social and therapeutic help. She also completed postgraduate Journalism at the University of Warsaw, three years training: Music Therapy and Psychodrama, Mindfulness Meditation Training led by Ivan Milton- australian psychotherapist, and many more.

Since 2001 she works with the integration of western psychological knowledge with eastern systems of working with the body, heart, mind and energy system.

She works in Transpersonal Psychology field, specialises in holistic therapy, enhancing the body, mind, heart connection, using relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, heart coherence techniques, creative visualisation, voice therapy, chakra therapy, as well as working on energetic level.

She runs personal development workshops and consultations in Poland, United Kingdom, Croatia, France, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia.
Also, she co-organises trips to exotic places in the world ( Bali, Hawaii), as part of project: traveling with personal growth.

DagmaraGmitrzak – is the author of seven books:

  • „Relaxation Training”
  • “Awaken Your Creativity”
  • “Heart Intelligence”
  • “Training of Jaguar”
  • “Beat stress through relaxation techniques”
  • “Techniques of relaxation”
  • “Chakras: a journey into yourself”

She writes articles for the psychological magazine “SENSE”.

More information:
Polish: www.rozwojosobisty.waw.pl
English: www.personalgrowth77.wixsite.com/growth