Dagmara Gmitrzak – Eco Therapy – Discover the healing power of Nature

Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland) – Eco Therapy – Discover the Healing Power of Nature and How to Communicate with It

Scientific research confirms what the indigenous people have known for thousands of years – Nature can have a healing effect on humans if we treat it with due respect.

Man and Nature are connected vessels – but we forgot about it, that’s why it is so important today to restore the memory of this connection.

Eco Therapy – is a new philosophy and way of life that will help you feel again the deep connection with Nature, with Mother Earth – as the indigenous people call our Planet.
Nature has the power to heal, restore internal harmony – at the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. For me Eco Therapy – means relationship with nature. It is a relationship that should be based on love, understanding the needs, respect and exchange.

During the workshop, I will inspire you to establish your personal relationship with Nature. I will share many techniques and rituals that you can use also after the workshop.

Communication is important in every relationship, so we will also practice communication with nature: with trees, with plants, water – sea, mountains etc. I invite you to this eco-natural journey!

During the workshop:

-You discover the most important core of Eco-Therapy

-You will learn about the practice of Eco-Therapy in daily life –
-You will discover interesting scientific research that confirms the positive impact of nature on the body, psyche and energy system of man

-You will experience many Guided Meditations that will allow you to feel the connection with Nature and experience its healing power

Dagmara Gmitrzak is a personal growth trainer, holistic therapist, sociologist, music therapist, teacher of relaxation techniques, journalist, author of seven books.
She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw with the three-years specialization: social and therapeutic help. She also completed postgraduate Journalism at the University of Warsaw, three years training: Music Therapy and Psychodrama, Mindfulness Meditation Training led by Ivan Milton- australian psychotherapist, and many more.

Since 2001 she works with the integration of western psychological knowledge with eastern systems of working with the body, heart, mind and energy system.

She works in Transpersonal Psychology field, specialises in holistic therapy, enhancing the body, mind, heart connection, using relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, heart coherence techniques, creative visualisation, voice therapy, chakra therapy, as well as working on energetic level.

She runs personal development workshops and consultations in Poland, United Kingdom, Croatia, France, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia.
Also, she co-organises trips to exotic places in the world ( Bali, Hawaii), as part of project: traveling with personal growth.

DagmaraGmitrzak – is the author of seven books:
– „Relaxation Training”
– “Awaken Your Creativity”
– “Heart Intelligence”.
– “Training of Jaguar ‘
– “Beat stress through relaxation techniques”
– “Techniques of relaxation”
– “Chakras: a journey into yourself”
She writes articles for the psychological magazine “SENSE”.
More information:
Polish: www.rozwojosobisty.waw.pl
English: www.personalgrowth77.wixsite.com/growth