Dagmara Gmitrzak – Heart Intelligence- Awake the power of your heart

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Dagmara Gmitrzak – Heart Intelligence- Awake the power of your heart

How to communicate with your heart and make the best decisions in your life?

Your heart knows the answers to the most important questions for you!
Learn how to communicate with this incredible center of knowledge.

If you would like to heal your relationship with your heart- the center of our being- this is the workshop for you .
If you want to cleanse and harmonize relations with important people in your life- this is workshop for you.
If you want to know what are your heart desire, would like to find the “path of the heart” and activate your full potential- this is also workshop for you. Dagmara Gmitrzak

The heart is the source of your best insight, you just need to know how to use it properly.
Science has proven that the human heart has its own brain, and it has its own intelligence! It communicates with the brain, stores information and takes independent decisions.

During this workshop, you will learn many information important for your personal and spiritual growth. You will know about intelligence entirely independent of your own brain! Once you are aware of the power of your heart, and the intelligent coherence associated with your heart, the impact on your life will be huge.

The heart is the source of true insight!

Heart Intelligence has been proven and substantiated by scientific studies from the Institute of HeartMath.

Native American Indians for hundreds of years knew what researchers have only recently discovered that our heart-mind connection is the source of all knowledge about who we are.

In the space of your heart, you can find all the information you need to help you have a happier and more fulfilled life.

During the workshop you will learn:

  • What heart coherence and heart intelligence is
  • How to work with electromagnetic field of your heart and how to use the power of your heart in healing practice
  • The causes and effects of a “closed heart” and how to cleanse the old emotional patterns in your heart
  • Techniques for cardiac regeneration and re-alignment after the emotional trauma
  • Techniques which can help you in relations with people
  • Techniques to access the intuitive information from the heart
  • Activate your heart to receive gratitude for life and establish a deeper relationship with yourself
  • Raise vibrational level of every cell in your body
  • Connect to the eternal source of love and joy in your heart
  • Connect to the sacred place in your heart

Basic techniques:

  • Communicating with the heart
  • Coherence between the heart and the brain
  • Working with electromagnetic field oh the heart
  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Working with the voice- you will sing a “song” of your heart
  • Working with the inner child, healing the relationship with yourself
  • Techniques how to harmonize relationships with people
  • Working with chakras and energy
  • Creative visualization and dreams, what are your heart desire?
  • Shamanic techniques to cleansing and harmonizing your body, mind, heart and energetic system

“I want invite also people who participated in this workshop last year, I will show new techniques.
Dagmara Gmitrzak


The workshop will be lead by Dagmara Gmitrzak:
personal development trainer, , holistic therapist, sociologist, sound therapist, author of books.

Dagmara graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw, including a three-year specialization: social and therapeutic help. She also completed a three-year course in Music Therapy and Psychodrama, a two-year post-graduate journalism at the UW, mindfulness meditation course run by the Australian psychotherapist Ivan Milton PhD.

Since 2001, Dagmara runs workshops and classes in many places in the world. She specialises in enhancing the body & mind& heart connection (relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing, elements of yoga, creative visualisation), stress management, working with the chakras (chakratherapy), using positive thinking, creativity and shamanistic techniques (her medicine name is “Rainbow Thunder”).

Dagmara is the author of six books (in polish): “Techniques of relaxation”, “Beat stress through relaxation techniques”, “Chakra journey into yourself”,, “Heart Intelligence”, “Awaken Your Creativity”, “ Training of the Jaguar. Awake you self-confidence and achive your goals”. She loves nature and travelling.