Dagmara Gmitrzak – The Hawaiian and American Indian Practice of Healing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland) – The Hawaiian and American Indian Practice of Healing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

During this inspiring workshop, I will share techniques, practices, rituals I have learned and uses in my workshops in various places around the world. I am grateful to the indigenous teachers who have decided to pass on the practices that help us return to the roots – our natural connection with nature – Mother Earth, expand awareness, integrate body, mind, heart and soul.

By participating in this workshop, you will learn the technique of shamanic journey, called the neo-shamanic therapeutic help, based on the classic principles of shamanism. It was developed by the famous American anthropologist Michael Harner, who is known for combining shamanism with developmental and therapeutic practices.

The purpose of using neo-shamanic techniques is to activate your internal resources and gifts, increase self-confidence, increase vitality and start the self-healing process.

By participating in the workshop you will have the opportunity to experience many fascinating practices that reach the shamanic roots of indigenous people of the Americas and Hawaii.

-You will experience shamanic journeys accompanied by the drum’s rhythmic sound

-You will know your Animal Spitit Totem – a symbol of your internal resources, gifts

-You will go to the “Upper World” – for creative inspiration on the path of your life

-You know “Medicina” – the meaning, symbolism and healing path, represented by Jaguar and Hummingbird- Colibri.

-You will learn how to cooperate with nature and the elements to improve your physical condition,your health, and how to get inspiration about your important life questions

-You will learn what  the „Path of the Heart” is and how to find your calling

-You will learn what the Hawaiian word ALOHA really means and how to live in spirit of

Aloha in every day life

-You discover the Hawaiian technique of harmonizing the relationship – called Hooponopono

-You discover Hawaiian breathing techniques and shamanic Massage of Element- which activates your creativity

-You discover cleansing techniques with the help of smoke of the Plants

-You will learn about the Indian Circle of Healing – called Medicine Wheel

– You will experience the ritual of calling-  the separated parts of your aura- Indians call it parts of the soul (its very effective practice of healing trauma)

-You discover indigenous songs and experience the nurturing feeling of connection with the group, while singing together

This workshop is ideal for people who:

– are open to new knowledge and want to enrich their lives with new experiences

-interest in the cultures of the world,

-want find their „Calling” and share their gifts and talents with the world

– they want to live every day with an “open heart”, transform fear into power and love

– they want to believe in themselves and their uniqueness more

– They want to improve their physical and mental condition

-They want to bring peace in the world, they are close to the topic of ecology, personal development and the indigenous cultures of the world

This workshop help you to discover the new possibilities and techniques that will open the door to a new level of your life!

I invite you from heart- Dagmara Gmitrzak, my native names are: „Moon Song”  and „Rainbow Thunder Woman”. Aho, Aloha, See you!

Dagmara Gmitrzak is a personal growth trainer, holistic therapist, sociologist, music therapist, teacher of relaxation techniques, journalist, author of seven books.
She graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw with the three-years specialization: social and therapeutic help. She also completed postgraduate Journalism at the University of Warsaw, three years training: Music Therapy and Psychodrama, Mindfulness Meditation Training led by Ivan Milton- australian psychotherapist, and many more.

Since 2001 she works with the integration of western psychological knowledge with eastern systems of working with the body, heart, mind and energy system.

She works in Transpersonal Psychology field, specialises in holistic therapy, enhancing the body, mind, heart connection, using relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, heart coherence techniques, creative visualisation, voice therapy, chakra therapy, as well as working on energetic level.

She runs personal development workshops and consultations in Poland, United Kingdom, Croatia, France, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia.
Also, she co-organises trips to exotic places in the world ( Bali, Hawaii), as part of project: traveling with personal growth.

DagmaraGmitrzak – is the author of seven books:
– „Relaxation Training”
– “Awaken Your Creativity”
– “Heart Intelligence”.
– “Training of Jaguar ‘
– “Beat stress through relaxation techniques”
– “Techniques of relaxation”
– “Chakras: a journey into yourself”
She writes articles for the psychological magazine “SENSE”.
More information:
Polish: www.rozwojosobisty.waw.pl
English: www.personalgrowth77.wixsite.com/growth