Pandit – Deep Healing and Relaxing by Vedic Mantra Chanting and Ceremony (Puja)

26th June – 3rd July

Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati – Deep Healing and Relaxation with Knowledge of the Vedas (for More Health, Success and Happiness)

Pandit Dr Sati invites you to enjoy deep healing and relaxing by Vedic  Mantra  chanting and ceremony ( Puja). Pandit Dr Sati will create healing and revitalizing atmosphere in you and around you ( he will awaken evolutionary force in your life) with his Master use of Vedic Astrology sound and Mantra power.

Ayurveda/ yoga/meditation will help us to reach new level of health in our life.

Sum total of Vedic knowledge is: Life in fullness

Pandit Dr Sati seminar will help to reduce chronic illnesses, stress and family problems. Also it will give more support in work, happiness in family and love relations.

Every day of the seminar will include meditation,mantra recitations, yoga, healing mantras for progress in life and relaxation. There will be also Puja ( Vedic ritual) for reducing of negative karmic influences.

He will give knowledge for better understanding of oneself and your family members. He will also give knowledge how to improve your strength, energy and progress in life along with how to reduce stress ,fear and negativities.

Who will want can have personal meeting with Pandit Dr Sati ( with translation if needed) and personal consultation for removing of obstacles and progress in life. This is for a separate fee, not included in public seminar.

Dr. Pt Dinesh Chandra Sati is coming from Himalayan willage of Jyotir Math.

This is one of the four most important seats of Knowledge in India. This Northern seat of Shankaracharya, Jyotir Math traditionaly is held as the home of “Jyotish” (Vedic astrology), known as the ‘Eyes’ of the Veda. Now, as the director of Himalayan Research Instituta, Padit Sati offers this Jyotish knowledge, trains new generations of Vedic Pandits, holds individual and business  consultations,  and travels the world holding  seminars and bringing this light of Jyotish/Vastu/Ayurveda/Yoga knowledge to the people of many Western countries.

Pt Dr.Sati  spent the most valuable time in the beginning of his academic career in this Jyotir Math seat of knowledge. Dr. Pundit Sati achieved his   “ Shastri” title in Jyotir

Math Vidyalaya. Achieved “Acharya’’ academic title( First class) at  S. S. B. University, Varanasi. Dr. Pundit Sati held his doctoral disertation, (Ph.D) in Jyotish at Lala Bahadur

Shastri Sanskrit Vidyaa Peetham university  in New Delhi 2004.  year with honors for his research work, erudition and mastery of this ancient Vedic science. Later he was chosen by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as the world promotor of this ancient knowledge of Jyotish to enliven  Vedic wisdom throughout the world.  Up to day Dr. Pundit Sati visited many countries of the world including  USA, Netherland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Croatia, Austria  and in these last 15 years he did  Jyotish consultations for thousands of people. During his international tours he thought  Jyotish science in many centers of knowledge , colledges and universities to enable individuals and humanity  fulfilment of maximum material success and happiness together with advanced spiritual growth. 

For informations please call Croatian office: +385 91 5045 369