Dr. Tenzing Jinpa Bhutia – Holiday,Health and Others on the Island Pasman


  • The Fundamental of Tibetan Medicine: takes you to the understanding of core principal of tibetan medicine,which can be called as cream of many traditional medical systems.this lecture will help you to go beyond the conventional way of looking towards health n deseases. Mind n body relation with five principal elements will be explained. An understanding of basic principal of tibetan medicine will not only be interesting but also take you closer to your dream of achieving perfect health. The most important part of this lecture will unfold the essense of holistic approach to health problem in our daily life!
  • Anti-aging: practical guide to overcoming natural physical n mental aging. Every sign of aging is explain n remedy will follow thereafter simultaniously with practical guide!
  • Seasonal behaviour n health: one of most important factor of desease is lack of knowledge about seasonal changes in connection to our body. All six seasons will be explained related to three principal humours in our system n thier different manifestation.by understanding seasonal behaviour, you can be free from many unwanted seasonal health problem n thereby enjoy every seasonal change !
  • Vitality n health: life without vitality is lifeless as wheel without driving air. The practical guide to enhance vitality in our daily life n enjoy life to its full extent !
  • Karma n health: hidden cause of our diseases behind karma will be explained. It is not a mean to escape from the reality of our life
  • Di-toxification.
  • Anti-aging.

Tenzing Jinpa Bhutiajimpa buthia-1

  • Elementary schooling from central school for tibetan, shimla, kalimpong n darjeeling – 1967 – 1979.
  • Graduation from North Bengal University – 1981 – 1984.
  • Other health related diploma n cerficate course – 1984 – 1986.
  • Graduation of tibetan medicine (btm) from mentseekhang (tibetan medical & astro institute) – 1987 – 1992.
  • Post graduate (mtm) from mentseekhang – 2009.
  • Regular clinic doctor in Kolkata till 2012.
  • Oversea travelling as tibetan doctors includes Poland, Goergia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Uzbekistan.
  • Currently working as regular doctor in Darjeeling Distt.

@: drtenjinpa1@rediffmail.com