Edita Kurent – Kundalini yoga – There is a Way through Every Block

_MG_0510 (2)From time to time we find ourselves in complex no-win situations and we wonder, why did this happen to me? How do we turn the situations that seem difficult and full of challenging decisions in our favor? How can we learn from such events in our life and how can they contribute to our personal growth?
In our workshops, we will try to take a look in our everyday life from a different perspective. The seminar will consist of the theoretical part and practical techniques of Kundalini yoga.

Edita Kurent is a Kundalini yoga teacher, a student of Kartha Singh in the Amrit Nam Sarovar school in France where she finished teacher training level 2 for Kundalini yoga. She has been teaching Kundalini yoga in Slovenia for 7 years and since recently even Shakti dance. She is also a therapist, using various massage techniques in her work including: thai, classic, reflexive, craniosacral and reiki.