Edita Kurent – Love and fear

What are we really afraid of? How do we get rid of fear? How fear paralyses us, makes us helpless? Fear and love are the two counter-poles. The more love that is present in our lives, the less room there is for fear. By elevating our consciousness and opening our hearts  we become capable of feeling unconditional love and joy.

The seminar will help us become aware of  our fears, it will assist us in facing them and try to lead the vibration of our consciousness to rise above them.

Next to theoretical part the seminar’s practical exercises will consist of kundalini yoga methods.

Edita Kurent is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher with over 6 years of practice in teaching classes of kundalini yoga in Slovenia.  A student of Karta Singh at ANS School in France where she successfully concluded Level II Teacher Training to become a teacher trainer, she is also a shakti dance teacher and a therapeutist, applying different approaches, such as Thai, classic, reflexology, sound and Cranial Sacral massage, as well as reiki.