Estera Saraswati i Zenon Heller – Awakening the Goddess within you – a Goddess workshop for men and women



The Goddess lives within everyone of us no matter of our sex and gender. The time has come to awake her in men as well. She calls us to her vast womb to be born for the New Era of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as One in every being.

We welcome both men and women on Goddess Gathering to celebrate her presence, feel her power and let her guide us. Come and dance her, refresh your connection with this omnipotent energy and let her reenergise your body and soul.

It can be a healing and nourishing experience  for men to stand up to her call and reestablish the umbilical cord through connection to women as outer Goddess in celebration of sacred feminine. It can be a healing and nourishing experience for women through stepping in own power and letting it be seen by men with no shame, blame or guilt as for last hundreds of decades. Recognizing the Goddess in each other and within is the sacred path to peace and love when outer and inner become One in transcendence. 

Estera Saraswati is a tantric yogini and a priestess in the Goddess service. She educates, facilitates workshops and gives private sessions within the scope of themes:  Sacred sexuality, Natural birth and conscious conception, Rebirth, Tantra, New paradigm of relationships.

Zenon Heller – tantric yogin, artist-painter, graphic designer, former zen monk. Practitioner in tibetan traditional schools of Bon and Nigmapa. Co-leader of Dakini Tantra regular group.