Evelyn Krisman – Touch of Matrix



Touch of Matrix is a healing technique that is based on Quantum Physics. It is about creating and transforming reality on the quantum level. Everything is light and information. Everything is vibration. This technique is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance. Touch of  Matrix can be used to reset body and mind. Your body is an energy system, a grid, a web of connections. As long as everything works, we feel and see nothing of it. When a disruption occurs, we are experiencing physical, emotional and/or mental health problems. We work from our pure awareness, the silence between the thoughts, the timeless space, our True Self. Here we can work in present, past and future. From this True Self we connect and let go.


All you have to do  is become aware of a complaint, remove the old information, formulate as positive as possible what you would like, connect with the information needed, and let go. The process will find its own way.

Touch of Matrix is a method of the new time and is connected with the information from the age of Aquarius. In this new awareness, that many people already feel, the energy is much lighter. The transition is already going on for a long time. It makes working with Touch of Matrix very simple.