Francisco Soto Bravo – Panchito – Aqua salsa

The rhythm of the dance came from Africa to Latin America where it has been connected with the roots of the dance of the region and it is a combination of these is salsa. Salsa is a dance with style and elegance, also it is full of wild and unbridled energy that we all have inside, but it is sometimes pushed away. Aqua salsa is the dance in the sea and on the sand. Primal rhythm of salsa brings us the connection with heaven and earth through the sea. Throughout swimming and dancing we can act to strengthen the muscles and joints, and swimming and dancing are also good for the regulation of body weight. Through dancing on the sand arrives a natural reflexology and activation of points, that improve the health of the entire organism. Salsa, by using medicinal mud, gives us a sensual approach to our own body. Movement through the water increases blood circulation and leg muscles. Fire and water, sun and sea create the third principle that gives us the playfulness, joy of life, confidence in ourselves, other people and everyday life.

Let’s dance and free the energy within ourselves.

Panchito is known as a dancer, folk musician and world traveler.  He was born in Peru. He often returns to Peru where he’s keeping connected to his Incas roots. Panchito has a natural talent for dance and he teaches dance on simple and funny way.