Gaja-Jowita Karpeta – Family constellations with Gaja


Family Constellations ( based on theory of Bert Hellinger who is considered to be Europe’s most innovative and provocative psychotherapist) involved in healing relationships, especially the relationship in the family. The foundation of this workshop is love and deep respect for the individuality of man and his destiny. Our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and children form this family system.

Everyone is part of this system and is associated with the ancestors of many generations, often without being aware of how significant these relationships affect his fate. This work has a healing effect on the previous generation and the ones before us. It gives strength and support, builds confidence in life which leads to the beautiful and brighter life. During the workshop, will be held individual and group settings which give the opportunity to experience working in “leading the family” to all workshop participants.


We invite you to work with topics like :

– Sickness, tough and lightweight, hereditary , and generational
– Addiction of all different drugs, work, sex , or compulsive behaviours
– All kinds of fears,
– Depression, mania , mental illness
– Financial difficulties , bankruptcy , debt collector sitting on the back of the neck ,
– The difficulty of the work , its lack or dissatisfaction with the existing work, or packing up every move in the work of debilitating body and spirit, do not bring any satisfaction
– Notorious for appearing roadblock for success in various areas of life,
– Difficulties in relationships present, or a desire to save the relationship in which there is always something goes wrong,
– ” Again in my life did not work out ” or rising after another failed relationship , work activities and the desire to resolve this unfortunate chain of failed attempts ,
– Difficulty in finding / meeting a life partner , fear of love, betrayal
– Failure to adopt : love , money , health , etc.
– Difficulties in relationships with children , to build a harmonious exchange of parent-child relationship ,
– The occurrence of complications in pregnancy , miscarriage , abortion , loss of children, childbirth trauma own or difficult births in the family,
– And all topics related to immigration ,
and many, many other difficult issues we face every day.

Gaja-Jowita Karpeta is personal development coach, certified integral coach and a family therapist. She is also an expert in the field of quality of life and interpersonal relationships.