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Shiatsu Basics: Massage Therapy at Your Place

goran-shiatsuShiatsu is a specific form of healing touch, a therapeutic massage and bodywork that derives from methods rooted in ancient history, developed to improve one’s health. This type of therapy uses the principles of the meridian healing system in order to harmonize life energy in the body as well as to help restore back full function of parts of the body that were affected by a health issue. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (just like acupuncture).

Shiatsu treatment rebalances and improves the flow of life energy through the meridians (meridians conduct energy or chi that passes through the body following invisible pathways) so it restores our vitality. To stimulate the flow of chi, a practitioner uses touch, comfortable pressure techniques over acupuncture points often done using fingers, palms, elbows and knees.

Encouraging and allowing both the giver and the receiver space to integrate change on all levels makes Shiatsu a useful tool for initiating or accepting change.

Shiatsu brings giver full awareness, centeredness and lucidity, thus this course is a kind of skill training.

During this course, you will also be learning techniques to support your family and friends in everyday situations.

Each day we will spend some time to work on ourselves and learn effective steps in cleaning our own personal space as well as principles for revitalizing and recharging energy that will keep flowing freely through our meridian system.

goran11The course includes:

– Basic Shiatsu techniques
– Shiatsu treatment basics
– Introduction to the Five transformations of energy (or Five Element theory)
– Basic self-care skills – meridian stretch exercises, 8 Section brocade, energy exercises
– Ginger therapy: the method of preparation and ginger compress application
Do-It-Yourself Medicine: health prevention and health improvement strategies.

Course leader: Goran Stanojević, certified Shiatsu therapist. Graduated from the renowned International School Of Shiatsu (4-year course), Makronova Center, Zagreb. Phytoaroma therapist, Cedrus Center (1-year course), Zagreb.

 Contact: 2902goran@gmail.com+ 385 (0)98 9 338 227

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