Harmony centre

Harmony centre is situated in a camp Torkul in olive plantation by the sea, in Kraj, a village on the island of Pašman, 3 kilometres away from Tkon where the ferry lands. Campers will be staying in a 3-star camp. Guests who prefer rooms will be situated in apartments in village. Seminars are simultaneously taking place in a wooden hall inside the camp and in the open terrace above the sea. The whole programme will take place in the camp and on trips. AERIAL VIEW

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vasna01“The Harmony programme is not only created in a form that includes separate components. It has become a kind of energetic body that operates independently from ourselves.I can say that it is the energy of a new beginning both for participants,agents, leaders of seminars, employees and for me as well. I’ve witnessed enormous changes in people’s individual lives after participating in the Harmony programme, so I can talk about the Programme with great love and respect.If you want to become involved in our Harmony family, it will be a great honour for me. With love, Vesna“