Igor Ognjenović – Starwalk

Connection between people and the sky has existed since ancient times. All great civilizations organized their lives according to the movement of planets in relation to the stars. In order to achieve harmony and prosperity of the community, shamans travelled through heavenly realms, bringing important information. In an indirect way, their roles were assumed by astrologers who maintained a contact with the sky and allowed consideration of life in a broader and more complete context. If you want to participate in the Starwalk Workshop,  you don’t need previous astrological knowledge. 1. Lunar level – Changing of Lunar phases affect directly the rhythm of everyday life. 2. Solar level – Through meditation and discussions we will learn about potential of a single planet in the solar system 3. Star level – We will get friendly with Pole Star and four royal stars, and learn how to channel their energy. Within the seminar, each participant will receive information about their spiritual path according to map of astrological birth. Igor Ognjenović wrote a book called “360 Pandora’s Boxes – symbols for degrees of the Zodiac”