Ivana Cvetković – Integral yoga

Integral yoga encompasses a wide range of physical, mental and meditative techniques that are performed individually, in pairs or in groups, which are intended for self-realization. Etymological meaning of the word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, which means to unite, integrate, connect together. These multiple meanings of the word yoga could be interpreted as the simplest integration of body, mind and spirit in order to achieve full human potential, as opposed of mechanical and unconscious way of life in which human potentials are wasted and remain unused. By practicing integral yoga we achieve inner strength and vitality, longevity, we turn to ourselves and learn to accept and love ourselves just the way we are.

We will take advantage all the beauty of the environment in which we find ourselves, the beauty of the people who surround us, in order to know ourselves much better, our current realise potentials and what is blocking our further opening to live life to the fullest meaning, so that we become aware of the obstacles and weaknesses, to overcome and transform into an inner strength that strongly make new steps in our life to what we want. Ivana get acquainted us with a holistic approach of practical application of yoga in daily life. We will get acquainted with acro yoga, which we can use as an excellent method of connecting with our partner, in order to build mutual feelings and acceptance, or as a quality way to spend our time with friends in nature and explore our current capabilities. 

Ivana Cvetković was born in Ćuprija, in 1980. She graduated at the Faculty of Management “Alpha” in Belgrade. She has been doing yoga since 2000., and at the International Academy for training yoga instructor she has acquired certificate 2011. She leads Namaste Yoga Center in Belgrade. http://namasteyogacentar.weebly.com/ Her life motto is: “Not one path can’t be too difficult for you have, if you have the gift from God: faith in yourself”. 

”Yoga is my eternal love. It has been transformed me from the roots, now I aware my potentials, it has been brought me harmony and peace, and best of all, made me realize that infinite love and kindness which I hold in my heart, is my greatest blessing. For each individual, yoga represents something else, for someone it is physical exercise, or ways of behavior, for someone is view on life. Everyone has her/his own explanation what represents yoga. For me personally, what I mean and I feel when I use that word, refers to the totality of life and reality. Yoga, how I feel and I apply, permeates every aspect of life without exception and carries with it the power of conscious transformation.”