Izabela Cisek – Malec – The Art of Conscious Touch 

Izabela Cisek – Malec – The Art of Conscious Touch 

Touch is necessary and important for your good physical and emotional well-being. It leads to feeling of bliss. The need to experience a loving touch is something you never grow up, though you may not realize it.

The sense of touch begins to develop around the eighth week of life in the womb and for the first time you have experienced it in the form of fetal water’s pressure touched your little body. After your arrival in the world, it turned out that touch still plays an almost essential role – as a baby you may not survive when you are not touched! When you are a child naturally you “take” the touch from others, cuddle up to pets or stuffed toys.

In adolescence, you often start to feel differently: you’re ashamed of it, giving it a different meaning, like putting it in a compartment labeled “sex.” With age in your daily life you may not have time for touch. In the meantime, your need for touch does not diminish at all, without warm touch or hugs, it is hard for you to live.

Although sex in itself is amazing, however sometimes it is important to separate certain spheres and avoid confusion. When you interpret the touch only as an invitation to sex, you lose its tenderness, and as a result, you may allow these sense to remain unsatisfied.

In the majority of western cultures, which are deprived of bodily closeness in infancy, in adults, the need for physical expression of sex is mixed with the need for non-sexual contact. I am far from convinced that after years it is possible to fully embrace the child’s unsatisfactoriness. However, I know from my own experience that it is possible to satisfy it with tenderness and loving care, consciously entering into the experience of receiving and giving touch.

Therefore, during my workshop you will learn:

  • how to return to the world of innocent touch
  • how to create a safe space for touching and being touched
  • how to open the body to touch
  • how to touch others to open themselves to touch
  • how to distinguish the YIN touch from the YANG touch
  • how to practice touch as part of healthy sexuality

Together we will create a safe space for touch experience.

Izabela Cisek-Malec – the first Body Coach in Poland, consciousness educator, intimate trainer, mentor, journalist, lecturer, stylist, designer of shoes. Trainer recommended by the Polish Psychological Association.

In my workshops I use the methods and tools that I learned at the Three-Year Personal Development Training School at The Rush Hour, and in the annual INSITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE BODYWORK AND MOVEMENT THERAPY in the UK, also for NLP Practitioners. I have been exploring neotantra and sexuality, practicing them for many years. I completed “Clinical Sexology Live Training” and “Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience,” a training conducted by Dr Patti Britton of San Franscisco, founder of SexCoachU, creator of integral sexual coaching (combining medical knowledge with a variety of personal and spiritual development programs). I graduated from the postgraduate studies in Psychology in the field of Sexology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I am currently in the first degree course in Jungo Psychoanalysis. I have a coach recommendation of the first degree of the Polish Psychological Association.