Jasmina Kovačev – Keys of success are within you


The keys to success are within us, in our ability to overcome the limiting mental programmes that we have acquired  that are not serving us or supporting us. They are also in our ability to replace  those with beliefs that will support our goals and  our purpose. This training/workshop will enable the release of many issues that are blocking your progress personally or professionally, your personal development or preventing you from spreading your valuable messages.

Using a range of techniques, primarily EFT and some others that have proven to be very useful for personal development, you will let go of your  fear of rejection, which is the biggest obstacle to success. You will release many fears related to presenting yourself and your ideas, and learn how to activate your internal motivation. You will learn  the key elements of every success (apart from knowledge), and improve your level of confidence.  As a result of this training your own potential will start surfacing and results are measurable straight after the training. Jasmina Kovacev, Peak Performance Coach and Wellness Coach, International EFT expert and trainer, NLP Master, with a background of 27 different modalities, will present this unique seminar and workshop at Harmony program.