Jasmina Kovačev – META-Health – Why me and why now?

Introduction to META – Health


Have you ever wondered, “Why me?” or “Why do now I have this health problem”? Were you, like many others, told that that the cause is unknown or that is an autoimmune disease, your body is destroying itself? Do you really think that an organism of such complexity in which thousands of processes occur simultaneously, does something for no reason?

You will get these answers through the introduction to META – Health, a revolutionary scientific approach, which is essential for everyone seeking health or working with those that have health issues. META – Health is a revolutionary view of health, which is not alternative, or integrative, or a case of simple causality between mind and body. This view of health is paradoxical, because it observes health globally, META, as well as very specifically This is something that everyone should know – conventionally trained therapists, those in alternative therapy, as well as all those who want to have control over their health. META – Health gives us an awareness of the triggers of stress, emotions and beliefs that affect specific tissues and organs. It takes into account all levels of our being, including the environment in which we live. It also indicates to us certain conscious activities that need to be taken to encourage the process of self-healing. Jasmina Kovačev leads education, one of 15 Master trainers of META – Health in the world, EFT expert and trainer, Coach for realization with consistently impressive results. 


Optional program 

1.     All who deal with EFT and who will be on Pašman at the time of programme “Introduction to META – Health”, can be involved in the optional three-hour workshop “Improve your EFT results – links EFT with META – Health.” 

2. EFT Group sessions that are held traditionally every year, representing the true emotional and mental hygiene. During this week there will be three two-hour workshops. No prior EFT knowledge is required.