Jasminka Premerl, M.Sc. – A fractal and Tesla scalar wave


T – Tesla’s cosmic wave (scalar wave)

Z – Fun (Croatian: zabavno)

E – Educational

Z – Scientific (Croatian: znanstveno)

Jasminka Premerl represents 40 years of active engagement in science and 30 years of artistry. She has been educated in many different techniques of helping others and has significant experience in this area. She describes herself as someone who has spent her whole life focused on humanity, and is supported in this claim by many fans and numerous media outlets. Her intention is to seek deeper similarities, more realistic than the reality that has become surreal for all of us.

Let us learn to draw using the Quantuminformational FRIT-ZEZ method. By using this unique method we

– Learn to understand ourself
– Learn how to correct what we want, using Tesla’s cosmic wave in TesliGen device, the bioenergetic stimulator that enhances the flow of life’s energy.

What is a fractal?

A fractal is a geometric shape containing the scale of endlessly repeating structures. The completeness is reflected in each piece. The fundamental task of the Quantuminformational FRIT- ZEZ  method is to:

1. Use fractal art to observe and understand one’s inner reality, comprehend one’s infinite potential, and ultimately correct its flow to achieve a quantum leap to a higher level of consciousness.
2. Learn how to get information from the subconscious and rise to a higher level of consciousness.
3. Learn to recognize the love of creation and thereby regenerate.
4. Learn to improve your energy matrix and encourage self-healing.

During the Quantuminformational FRIT-ZEZ seminar we are introduced to the psychological, physical, spatial and symbolic features of colors and shades, and their impact on our reality. The method takes into account the rational and the intuitive understanding of our creativity.

Quantum physics has proven that a great change of energy can happen in a single moment. This also applies to our lives – at any given moment we are participating in shaping our reality. The energy field is constantly ready to respond to our vibration, and by using the tools we obtain through this method we can possess more power than we ever thought we had. Our new reality is happening at the cellular level, and the results are non-local, meaning their impacts are happening very far away and often do not follow a linear time.

The Quantuminformational FRIT- ZEZ method includes the ”Fractal method of analytical diagnostic, forecasting and correction of personal status” by Russian authors T. Z. Polujahtova and A. E. Komov, known for their universal methods and research in the areas of rehabilitation and bioenergetic information technology. Contributing to the method and its overall quantum success is a very important Tesla cosmic wave (from the device TesliGen) of which Tesla said: “I had the great fortune to discover new and startling phenomena such as the reversed magnetic field, illumination of wireless headphones vacuum tubes, and many other effects of high frequencies that have impressed the world. But what impressed me as more beautiful than anything else, is the discovery of the stationary-cosmic waves that I came across in 1899, which showed that the entire planet on which we live may be inclined to respond to the quietest whisper of the human voice.” The only things necessary for the implementation of the Quantuminformational FRIT-ZEZ method are:






So let’s take a big step towards success and observe changes in almost every area of our lives. By vibrating with the universal current – of pulsating energy – which in turn directs our reality. You will receive the blessings that I personally have been receiving for a long time already, of which I could not even begin to dream of. As we know, everything is made ​of energy. Today, science has confirmed that behind each energy force there is information with underlying fractal geometric shapes. By using this method we can unearth this deeply seated information within each of us, and transfer it on paper in a fun and easy way, so we can understand it and correct it, or leave it be as it is.