Jasminko Miklec – Qigong i Taijiquan

14th August – 21st August

Jasminko Miklec – Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan

Qigong is from immemorial time. Qi is in the basis of all that exists. Heaven, Earth and man make one homogeneous entity between it. Qi is the link to all connections. True love (selfless, without ego) is the inspiration for the realization that comes when qi is moved in the direction of intentions. Clarity of intention is what choice of choosing (re-choose) and free will come down to conscious action toward what is possible from all possibilities at the present time. From moment to moment everything is always subject to change, which is a positive trend towards to change of consciousness where man and nature co-exist according to the original principles.

Taijiquan is a path and also answers to the question of how to go (to China) and return (home), to be more by ourselves and not there. Get away, go back and repeat the same. Give myself to myself and to others. This is the way to breathe, to live and to move in harmony with everything. While we exercise, we move and erase borders, we change and reject old habits.

Whole and part of a whole are connected such as: we don’t separate hand movement from the movement of the body, while the thought and feeling lead us and determine the right deal at the proper relationship that is achieved when the body, mind and heart interact undividedly.

What drives and what has been driven through the subconscious are brought in Taijiquan to conscious area. A man and his being, space and time are as one; equally at rest and movement are present in everything that is connected in the narrow and broad sense. Taijiquan helps people to look at their place, in the place where they are located.

Jasminko Miklec, certified for teaching and transmission of authentic martial and therapeutic skills, Taijiquan and Qigong, the world’s leading authority and Master Chen Xiaowang and Li Junfeng.