John Christian – All the Masks We Wear

Edit.1Being Real and True to YourselfA creative, interactive, fun workshop of self-discovery. We all wear many masks known in the Wisdom teachings as the veil that covers the light of Truth and the True Self. These are the masks of conditioning, culture, education, our jobs, the intellectual masks, the Mother or Father, the »I’m okay!« mask, the victim, the controller, spiritual seeker or religious person etc. We are all actors on the stage of life! But who is our Real Self and what does it mean to be Real and true to ourselves? As the wise ones have said throughout the Ages: ‘Be true to yourself and the Truth will set you free’! What is the porpose of ancient and modern day mystery school teachings? This workshop will help you to understand the path of initiation, the journey of your soul in discovering your true self.

– Identify the real from the unreal self

– Being real through the masks

– The truth hidden behind the veil of the Ego’s projected illusions

– Exercises for Inner peace and harmony in mind, body and spirit

– Developing Intuitive Intelligence

– Your Life as a journey of self discovery

– Love the divine alchemist and Relationships, the pathway to self initiation

-Insights into questions that we all ask ourselves such as: »Who am I really? What is my purpose  in Life? Why Am I here? Where am I going? What’s Life all about? Who and what is God? What is

Reality? What is truth?«

Come and join this magical, insightful journey!

Short biography:
John Christian is an experienced, professional Life Skills Coach, singer, actor and comedian. He has studied and worked with spiritual masters such as Paul Solomon, master Tamo-san from Japan and Sir George Trevellion. He has travelled throughout England, India, Europe, the United States, Kenya and Australia, where he successfully combined his talents for singing and comedy with an extensive understanding and experience of the Mystery School of Life. He has worked extensively on the variety club circuit, appeared on major T.V. and radio shows in Europe and the United Kingdom, received the Midlands Variety Award for Impressionist of the Year, and developed various communication skills and techniques to reach and help hundreds of people.

His light-hearted approach does not belile his serious, yet loving message: each of us needs to become personally responsible for what we think, feel and do. John is also a qualified yoga teacher.

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