Kamila Jankowska – The sound of conscious image. Creator in truth of the moment – I am …

Kamila Jankowska – The sound of conscious image. Creator in truth of the moment – I am …

Do I have a permission to be visible? How do I want to manifest in the world? How much space do I give myself for creation?

The Workshop is the invitation to listening yourself  and the voice of your heart.

In close contact with your body, feelings, creativity and intuition you will look at your inner Creator and It’s freedom, motivation and limitations.

It is an oportunity to touch the power coming from your own spontaneity in full of colours manifesting yourself.

The workshop gives the space to deepen your natural trust, through the awakening of dormant instincts, unhampered naturalness in expresing yourself with curiosity and  attention, dissolving the illusion of separation to wake up to the fullness of life and to take the responsibility for how we create it.

It is Me for who I dance, sing, paint, experiment and create.

How do I want to express myself? What painting am I? What story am I telling?

We will come back to simple joy, contacting ourselves with courage and power to make the decisions at any moment – HERE AND NOW.

Let your rivers flow.

Kama Jankowska

KamaPersonal development coach, the founder of the New School of Breath, creator of the ElementsWork (R) method, Breath Coach, Systhemic Coach, Breath Integration and Integrating Presence Practitioner. The manual therapist, artetherapist, dancer, instructor of conscious movement, actress, choreographer, director.  Vedic Art Teacher. She deals with a systemic family therapy by Hellinger, a field of birth, dance therapy, sound, and work with the voice and breath. The founder of Personal Development School for women “The Horizon” with authorial program and meetings with sexuality and tantra. She conducts individual sessions, cyclic classes, dance lessons at festivals and numerous personal development workshops in Poland and abroad.