Karmen Bezget – Academy of Women’s Sexuality at Harmony

Karmen Bezget – Academy of Women’s Sexuality at Harmony

Sexual methods of rejuvenating the vagina, ovaries and increasing the libido

Especially for the visitors of the Harmony program on Pašman, on the first week of July we will present a very special seminar and workshop about female sexuality under the guidance of FEMALES’ ACADEMY Carmen.

The certified instructor Carmen, with 11 years of experience will personally provide you with practical sexual methods that will help you explore your own sexual potentials and enable you to:

  • Increase your sexual attractiveness
  • Restore lubrication and elasticity of vagina
  • Increase your pleasure and sexual desire
  • Enhance orgasmic potential
  • Increase sexual libido and Eros
  • Rejuvenate the vagina and uterus
  • Eliminate exhaustion and fatigue
  •  Prevent the formation of cysts, tumors
  • Eliminate pain and emotional blockage
  • Eliminate inflammations of vagina, urethra
  • Reduce menstrual problems
  • Cancel PMS

The intensive practice of women’s sexual potentials that is going to be disclosed to you, has carefully been guarded behind closed walls of the Emperors’ palaces. It was only known to Emperors, Empresses and chosen Emperors’ Lovers »White Tigresses« and now it shall be disclosed at Harmony.

Which sexual practices will you be given the opportunity to encounter at Harmony:

  • POWER »PERFECT ORGASM« a pleasure that rejuvenates and creates life strength
  • DANCE »SEA NYMPHS« for activating the generators of the female Eros
  • »STRAWBERRY ORGASM« to increase the orgasmic potential
  • »WOMEN’S PEARLS« Emperors’ techniques to vitalize the vagina and reproductive organs
  • METHODS »WHITE TIGRESSES« Strongest fuel against stress and fatigue
  • SEXUAL TECHNIQUES rejuvenating the vagina, ovaries and increasing the libido

KarmenBezget, a Bachelor of Science in Economy, is not only the leader and founder of the Females’ Academy and certified NLP, but also the director of a company. A successful, driven, passionate business woman, partner to a loving husband, mother of a magnificent daughter, and a teacher of sexual energy cultivation for personal, professional and social success.

She has gained her professional knowledge in her 25 years of experience in the fields of  advertising, marketing, coaching, strategic and project leading in Slovene and foreign companies,  simultaneously enriched her knowledge with 11 years of hard work, learning and practicing modern and original Taoist  sexual methods that regenerated her tired and from stress exhausted  body, she has placed new foundations of personal and professional success by cultivating her female sexual energy. How to become and remain a successful woman, passionate and vital at the same time, along with being satisfied day after day on the path to fulfill her heart’s desire and mission …and share this knowledge and experience.

Taormina d.o.o., Terčeva 45, SL-2000, Slovenia
+386 31 605 401, karmen.bezget@femalesacademy.com, www.femalesacademy.com