Kim Doucette (Canada / Slovenia) – The Development of Personal Spirituality – Spiritual Guides, Angels, Animal Guides, Dreams, Past Lives and Akashic Records


Kim Doucette (Canada / Slovenia) – The Development of Personal Spirituality – Spiritual Guides, Angels, Animal Guides, Dreams, Past Lives and Akashic Records

Everyone should still be able to find the answer to the questions “Who am I, where do I come from, where do I go and what is my mission?” Despite the remarkable advances in science and technology, the answer to this question is still wrapped in a veil that prevents us from knowing our true essence. The daily pace of life, the many family and work responsibilities do not allow us to delve into ourselves and into such issues. Often, we ask ourselves these questions only when a certain event brings us to a turning point and gives us difficult trials… Why? That we can return to our personal path and act in harmony with our soul.

In this workshop, together with Kim, you will travel  through the world of spiritual guides, gain knowledge of the symbols and signs they send us from above, we will delve into the energy field of an individual, learn how to find your center at any moment, discover past lives, look at Akashic records and develop clairvoyance.

The workshop is designed in such a way that we will touch on a new topic every day, but which are strongly interconnected. Understanding ourselves means understanding the patterns we have been given, understanding our surroundings and the people around us, understanding our relationships with our spiritual guides. This is the first step so that we can grow spiritually and receive the gifts that await us and begin to handle them.

“We are all seeds on this earth, what we will grow into is up to us.” Kimspirational

Understanding of Souls and Guides ( Power Animal)

We have many guides from above that work with us to help us find our way here on Earth. Signs and symobols come from all directions from these guides so that we can help ourselves develop and grow.  People who have crossed over have important roles in our lives and there are ways to know how they communicate to make that guidance easier.  We have guides that were once family members, fairie guides, animal guides and angelic guides that have a great influence on our daily lives.  They wish only the best for us.  We will learn how to connect with them, how to ask for help so that we manifest in good ways for us and for those around us.

Signs and symbols from above

Most often, signs and symbols come through our dreams, which are a window for discovering what is really happening in our real world. We are excited about dreams for a reason. Dreams contain mysterious answers to our own mastery of what we strive to do in life. To understand a dream is like having a key that contains one code that opens the door behind the secrets. In the workshop, we will talk about revealing the secrets of a dream plan, and we will discuss ways to facilitate the interpretation of dreams. Do you notice a living dream, a recurring dream or a horrible dream! We will get to know the signs and symbols we get throughout the day, but because of the influence of our surroundings, we cannot always read them.

Aura, Chakras and Energy Field

We will look into the chakra and aura system. We will explore the functions of each chakra individually and learn how to balance and harmonize them. A balanced energy field allows us to connect freely with our true nature.

The aura is the glow or field of light that surrounds living beings. The colors that surround the individual help us determine what the condition is, where its good is, where its downside is, and the like. Many spiritual leaders, such as Buddha or Jesus, are known for having a glow over their heads. Their vibration is higher than that of other people. Our auras change frequently, but they have a basic color that we can associate with certain individuals. By observing the color of the aura, we can see how a person is currently feeling.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance

Our routine sometimes puts us too much in one area more then the other.  It is vital that we find balance in this ever changing world.  For example, if we are thinking too mental, then we get thrown off emotionally or we lose energy in important areas of the physical body.  There are simple ways to keep balanced in our busy lifestyles.  Find out how.

Past lives and Akashic records

For many, past lives are fascinating. And yet, people are only touching the surface, how to understand them, or how to use the knowledge of past lives to help us in the present as much as possible (but not further hinder or confuse us). It doesn’t matter who we were, but who we are today. But by understanding our past lives, we may find it easier to accept and understand certain qualities that we reject today. We will be able to see and strengthen those qualities that we think are good. And simply remove those who no longer serve us. In order to gain insight into our past lives, the Metatron Archangel will speak at the workshop through Kim.

Development of Clairvoyant Ability

Clairvoyant ability is our natural way. As humans, we have been programmed by generations of unbelievers to close our natural faculties. It is time to allow ourselves to shine and believe again in our own instincts.

The human mind is a fascinating tool, but it is believed to block and obstruct over 90% of the information it receives on a daily basis. We now know that by restoring our capabilities, we have unlimited access to the information that is waiting for us to obtain by opening a clairvoyant channel. Deja vu, dreams, emotional feelings and behaviors, telepathy … are examples of what we have all experienced and learned to ignore as part of our clairvoyant awareness.

This clairvoyant development workshop will help you restore what is already yours. You are a clairvoyant and a capable creature who can control through life and make decisions that ultimately lead you to the perfect place and at the right time. That’s why you’re here for a reason …

The workshop will be led by Kim Doucette – Kimspirational

Known as the Kimspirational, Kim Doucette is a clairvoyant, born medium, shamanic and spiritual teacher. Her unique gift is to communicate with deceased persons close to us, with our relatives and with other souls who are related to us. Contact with angels and spiritual guides.

She uses different techniques in her work. These come from the knowledge she gained while traveling and visiting many places around the world: Korea, Australia, Africa, Brazil, USA and Peru, where she learned from seven shamans. Along the way, Kim met many perspectives on life and encountered different beliefs. When she returned to Canada, her home province after ten years of travel, the Indian spirit began to grow stronger and she returned to her native culture. She began to receive her gifts, which she refused for many years and received a great deal of wisdom from the shaman of the Mi’kmaq tribe.

She now uses her valuable experience and wisdom in her work with individuals in individual sessions: reading, talking with spiritual guides, shamanic healing, partner counseling, past life regression, … leading workshops and lectures. She became very popular with people because of her soft heartedness.

I do this because I want to help people. My consultations and lectures / workshops are channeled through me but not by me. I work closely with angels to help others do their personal research and figure out how to empower themselves. Angels and guides focus on the now so you can embrace your personal capacity in the future. Let your angels help you by learning how to help them so you can help yourself. I came to this world to say “YES, YES, YES” and to inspire the world. It is time to stop asking others if it is OK to do what we are doing and do what we are meant to do. We follow our heart and intuition … listen to nature and read the signs and symbols that have been sent to us! Fear of the unknown is what prevents us from living our dreams. Living our dreams helps us to make fear unknown.

  1. day – Understanding Spirits and Guides
  2. day – Signs & Symbols from Above
  3. day – Chakras, Aura and Energy Field
  4. day – Power Animals
  5. day – Past Lives & Akashic Records
  6. day – Develop Your Psychic Abilities