Sadhana Singh Avenali (Italy) – Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, consists of a dynamic combination of breath, movement, asanas,
meditation, mantras and relaxation, taught in the form of ‘Kriyas’. It works to awaken the flow of Spirit latent in each of us, giving us vitality and health, while expanding conscious awareness. Each Kriya helps to crystallize and harmonize a specific facet of our Self and helps us to realize our full potential as spiritual beings in human bodies.This Workshop: There is a state of consciousness in which the physical energy, the mental projection and the reality of the soul cooperate to transcend our sense of separation and inadequacy. In this state, the psyche subtly weaves the prerequisites to realize that which is rationally and intellectually impossible. Sadhana Singh lives in Rome and leads the Yoga Centre ‘Budokan’.He teaches yoga in a Master’s Program for ‘Leadership and Success’ at the UISM University in Rome, and provides corporate yoga training for leaders and mangers. His publications include:  “Sadhana – Teachings for Daily Life”, “Destined to Excel – Yoga for Men”,   “From Where you are to Who You Are”, “Leadership and Success”