Lionel Licini – The workshops of Energetic Sciences and Practices





The workshops of Energetic Sciences and Practices, taught worldwide since 1997, propose a contemporary vision of Energetics and an original and concrete approach by practical exercises that are simple and accessible to all. The main objective is to master our physical and psychological balance: to live in well being in everyday life.  Workshops are founded in energetic fundamentals which unify certain eastern traditions and new universal discoveries (scientific, medical, psychological, philosophical, etc.) that offer to people the possibility to advance and become “actors of their life” in conscience of their essential role for the future of our Planet. Each session deals with a new theme, and with direct application that is inseparable from the rest. They intend to refine our subtle feeling, to open our perception to new realms of action, and to raise our level of conscience.


With practice, each participant, experienced or beginner, will be able to combine the understandable reality with the subtle reality (the world of energies) that form one single and same reality where the total perception permits a release of a tremendous potential of realization.