Margareta Radomirović – Raw food for vital body and healthy spirit


Raw Food diet – the oldest model of diet in modern edition and a new outfit! (ENG)

Living plant food is the natural food and source of energy for our body. Boosts immunity, promotes the natural healing process, helps control body weight and metabolism, revitalizes, rejuvenates, increases vital energy and physical strength, mental and emotional establishes balance!

The seminar consists of a theoretical and practical part of the preparation of attractive recipes and meals, and students actively participate.


Basic guidelines for raw-vegan diet, detoxification, transitional diet, food combining, alkaline diet, exercises for better digestion, as well as the spiritual and physical access to food, are just some of the topics covered by the seminar.


Head Margareta Radomirović, adviser natural lifestyle and diet, is the founder and president of NK “Zdraviji Život.” Thanks to diet and lifestyle, has gone through a great personal transformation, the most in terms of health and rejuvenation, and can help you in individual counseling and answer.