Marija Božić – Hatha Yoga and Power of Purity

marija_bozicHatha Yoga is an ancient system of exercises and breathing techniques that you develop flexibility, muscle strength, proper posture and stress-relaxation exercises. Hatha is a Sanskrit word consisting of the votes ha and tha. They go ha voice is nadi for the moon, and a voice tha Pingalu nadi for the sun. Yogis believe that the nadis are pathways which vital energy (prana) flows through the body and activates the energy vortexes (chakras). Practical discipline includes Asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation).

Entering the yoga positions continued to the limit of comfort, effortless and in accordance with their capacities. After hours of yoga, including a guided meditation teacher Mohandija Indian – Power of Purity or 360 Degrees meditation

Marija Božić is a certified instructor of the Yoga Federation of Serbia, which is registered in the Ministry of the Republic of Serbia, European, International and Global Yoga Federation. Takes a yoga center in Belgrade called “Amrita” exercise in which more than 40 people, and for two years writing a column in the magazine “Sensa” titled “Yoga therapy”.

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