Matej Plavec – Core Transformation Workshop and cellular healing


Core Transformation Workshop can be described as sacred alchemy. This is one of the most high and sacred spiritual and healing energy techniques that continuously connects us with our inner source. This is an immediate high and deep energetic healing of our soul memory, cellular memory, mind, body, emotions and thoughts. On the basis of their direct interconnections, memory goes back to the beginning of our evolution. Thus, feelings of lethargy, stupefaction, tiredness, resistance and disease, old traumas and programmes belong quickly to the past. 

While clean sacred energy leads your body and mind through a very deep cleansing process, you can often feel a tingling sensation and a strong flow of energy running through your body. Energy transformations and healing go beyond old limitations and the structure of reality, relax and transform trauma, open the cells and spread awareness. These help us to overcome fear and allow our true spirit to fully express itself.



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