Monika Pekošak (Slovenia) – Changing Your Programme with Karmic Diagnostics and Moving to a Higher Level of Activity

24th July – 31st  July

Monika Pekošak (Slovenia) – Changing Your Programme with Karmic Diagnostics and Moving to a Higher Level of Activity

Each person, as a spirit, can experience different dimensions of bodies, such as emotional, physical, energetical and mental body , as well as having an experience of growing their own consciousness through life. An old soul travels from life to life with the purpose to  overcome the past life events, this time, with more awareness, so the soul grows and expend its consciousness.

The central goal of the workshop is to understand the world around us, to explore our  patterns and to discover the potential to change and evolve as a spirit in person.

 With the help of knowledge and the techniques of Diagnostics of karma, we will be able to recognise and identify the various layers of the body.We will learn to identify destructive behaviours and the cause of our reactions. We will explore and find the roots of our patterns that might originate from past lives, from our ancestors, from time in the uterus or from this life’s events. That will give us an idea what is the level of consciousness we are at.

Anger, resentment, horror and unfulfilled expectations, still  have an intense impact on our lives and on our health, so we need to be aware, therefore, we can prevent the pattern to surface again.

The workshop will be supported by a yoga practice which will increase our body awareness in a physical and deeper sense. We will develop a presence in our lives, actually tune into our lives and take full responsibility for ourselves  and what will help us to move to another, higher level of our consciousness.

In the workshop, we will learn about:

  • Energy composition of the body and the energy balance of it.
  • Understanding karma (family karma, personal karma, social karma)
  • Impact of believes in our lives
  • Impact of emotions on our body
  • Solving problems in relations with family (parents, brothers, children), in relations with partner
  • Yoga exercises – daily yoga practice will accommodate all participants, regardless the vitality. The purpose of yoga in the workshop is to support the body for easier release of negative patterns
  • Various meditation techniques The program will be customised to the group, depends on the energy dynamics established in the group. We will focus on supporting each other, knowing that without inner change there is no external change

You are warmly invited to join us to the workshop, this summer, where everyone finds something that sooth their soul and support their personal growth. Welcome to the gathering where like minded and sincere friendships are made.

Namaste, Monika