Monika Pekošak – Using Karmic Diagnostics to Understand Life and Change Patterns

Monika Pekošak – Using Karmic Diagnostics to Understand Life and Change Patterns


Main reasons for illness, problems and dissatisfaction are inside of us.

In order to change the world, we must first of all change ourselves. This is a much more difficult task than changing the world on the outside. That means radically transform our thinking, our spirituality, and our worldview. We can be changed only by understanding our actions and where they are coming from.

Karmic diagnostic is not forecasting of future. It is understanding of karma. It is kind of a map to awareness and healing through human energy field. With help of karmic diagnostic, we get aware of the fact, that our soul is choosing the most important experiences from our past lives and this is base ground for our growth.

With karmic diagnostic we are able to identify causes, patterns and beliefs, accumulated through lives of our ancestors, our past lives, everything what happened during period of time in mother uterus and what we experienced in this life. All this blockades are imprinted in our bio filed and run our life consciously and unconsciously.

By being aware of all this information and willingness to change, we are able to come to some insights on which level of consciousness are we. A human being is complex informational-energy system, informational energy layers of our subconscious are the most influential and powerful factor on our health. Anger, offense, blame, unfulfilled expectation, grief, regrets, shame and everything what hurt us, still exists in our bio field. Because of that it is necessarily to enlighten and clean these parts to improve our health, enhance relationships and increase our personal spiritual growth and achieve happiness and success. The patterns are solving gradually, layer by layer.

This workshop is designed for people, who really want to change their lives and they are prepare dedicated cooperate in process. It is a holistic approach, where we are trying to find and transform the problems. On this way the energetic blockades are removed and the new energy flow is established. In this workshop the person has to be fully dedicated to the process in other case the patterns cannot be removed.

I warmly invite all the people who are willing to committed to themselves and are prepared to make step forward.


I am a therapist of karmic diagnostics and yoga teacher. My teachings come from decades of my personal transformation and experiences in finding my authentic path to happiness. I am trying to inspire people to follow their path to personal freedom and health with karmic diagnostic and through the practice of yoga. Yoga and meditation are my way of bringing awareness, loving kindness, release of suffering and awakens to love in my students. On my seminars I combine karmic diagnostic and yoga with different knowledge of Reiki and other internal energy practices.

Namaste, Monika