Mr. Stephen Poplin – Soul Mates and Karmic Relationships

Mr. Stephen Poplin – Soul Mates and Karmic Relationships 

Stephen-PoplinIs there a soul mate out there waiting for me? What is a twin flame? Is there only one soulmate in my life? This program is a spiritual exploration which will offer a grand perspective on these fascinating questions. Stephen will give insights and stories from his studies of Edgar Cayce, Michael Newton, Hinduism and from his own case studies using past life regressions and trance work. Stephen will add some questions of his own: Does our soul want us to be happy? What about Free Will? Can we create new karma? He will aid the participants to explore these themes more personally via Hypno-meditations, also using his Reveries, which include music and trance. Dream Incubation will also be a part of this multi-day program. Let us communicate with the soul!

Please join this unusual cosmic topic for some revealing views.

Hopefully we can use the Labyrinth, which he describes as a structured inspiration, and the basis for his “unstructured Free-walk.

“To have joy one must share it. Happiness was born a twin.” – Lord Byron

Group Past Life Regression

Later in the week Stephen will present a talk on reincarnation and outline the various ways one can recall past lives, emphasizing personal recollection via hypnosis. This discussion will be followed by a fascinating experience in which we can uncover images and themes from our soul’s meta-memories. Venture into this expansive spiritual journey of your own spiritual development.

A 3 to 4 hour program. Bring a pillow and a blanket and your adventurous self!

Next on the agenda will be the Summer Solstice!

Stephen, a professional astrologer, has calculated the exact time of this shift, which will be on Monday (Moon Day!) the 20th of June 2016 at 23:34. There will be a full Moon, which makes this Solstice extra powerful. The Harmony team will raise the energy with music, song and movement. Stephen will bring his shamanic experience too, aiding the participants to release what they no longer want, and to Embrace what they desire. Manifest in the Moon! Connect to Love and Relating!

A note from Stephen:

Listen to my spiritual journey. On my website – – you can download a free 30 minute trance journey that I call a revery. Save it on an MP3 player and enjoy.

I have been a fan of the psychic Edgar Cayce, as well as the Life Between Lives writer and therapist Dr Michael Newton. I have lived in Germany and in Austria. I can do past life regression sessions in German as well as English. The top areas of my expertise are in regression therapy, life between lives, astrology and spiritual hypnotherapy, and I have been involved with divination tools such as Tarot and numerology, therapeutic counseling, symbolism and spiritual development for many years.

If we can learn through humor, insight and fun, then I am in!

I travel a lot, offering programs and private sessions in Europe yearly. Here are my travel plans for 2016:

I’m looking forward to aiding you in your spiritual search, Stephen

Questions? Please email Stephen at or call +49 (0)621 3072548 in Germany – a skype line for more information.

Stephen’s spiritual website:

Stephen Poplin, M.A., CHT, professional astrologer, spiritual coach and transpersonal hypnotherapist, is a former college instructor of philosophy and humanities. Stephen lived in Virginia Beach and gave talks at the ARE on Edgar Cayce and Astrology. He has studied revolutionary history, drama therapy, symbology, numerology and metaphysics, among other interests. He has performed stage hypnosis shows for educational and spiritual breakthroughs. Stephen’s practice, which includes past life regression work, trance personal journeys and life between lives integration, is located in Europe and the USA. Stephen is an interfaith minister and “worth shop” leader with clients worldwide. He is known for his compassion, insight and humor.

Stephen is the former International Director of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, founded by Michael Newton, who wrote the bestselling “Journey of Souls.” He was also past presidents of two international astrology association centers (the NCGR) in both Virginia Beach and Washington, DC.

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Solstice celebration 20 June 2016 – Mag. Stephen Poplin (USA) and Harmony team