Nagual Uchu and Tadeja Škorja – Modern Shamanism – The Art of Manifestation

Nagual Uchu and Tadeja Škorja – Modern Shamanism – The Art of Manifestation

Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to mankind. It is a generous, loving path of caring for one another and for nature. It supports and sustains personal growth and our connection to the Great Spirit.

This week, nagual Uchu will lead you into shamanic view on how we manifest and shape our life.

You have the power to create in this life experience. You are here to create your own unique life experience. Learn to unleash your desires through mastering the art of energy flow. When we realise that we are the Great Spirit manifested in human form, we begin to walk out of limitation, therefore manifestation becomes possible. We understand that all things that happen to us are our own manifestation.


  • What is manifestation
  • How do we manifest our lives
  • Practical exercises for everyday life
  • Inspirational talks by Uchu

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Nagual Uchu – Modern Shamanism
Tadeja Škorja

Short biography:

Nagual Uchu:

Nagual Uchu learned shamanism mostly in Mexico, Peru and Brazil. He was a member of Carlos Castaneda’s circle and he worked closely with Merilyn Tunneshende (the Nagual Woman from Don Juan’s circle). He spent many years travelling all around the world, living also among African and Siberian shamans, gaining rich experience in working with energies.

He combined and integrated ancient knowledge and techniques into urban – modern shamanism which is applicable in 21st century in our everyday lives.  In the last 2 decades Uchu has been teaching and coaching  ancient shamanic techniques adapted to modern life all over the world. He is currently teaching in Europe.

Tadeja Škorja:

A gifted dreamer from childhood on she discovered whole new worlds in dreaming realities through shamanic ceremonies when she formed a friendship with Nagual Uchu and started training with him. They have been working and practicing together for the past 6 years, organizing seminars and workshops throughout Europe.

11.7. and 18. 7. The process of inner transformation

Additional activity (not part of the regular program): to those who will feel the call to come, Uchu will perform limpias = shamanic energetic cleansing, dissolving blockages, extracting heavy energy and helping you accelerate your personal transformation.

The process of inner transformation will be supported by traditional cleansing ceremonies, the so-called limpias. Uchu will work with each participant. Limpia is spiritual cleansing, used to clean the body, mind and soul of negativity. It is known to remove negative thought patterns, bad luck, blockages, imbalances, the influence of bad energies and it helps with addictions, depression, phobias and fears.