Nagual Uchu i Tadeja Škorja – Shamanic Journeys and Practical Magic – Program A

Nagual Uchu i Tadeja Škorja – Shamanic Journeys and Practical Magic
Program A

Uchu1Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to mankind. It is a generous, loving path of caring for one another and for nature. It supports and sustains personal growth and our connection to the Great Spirit. This week, nagual Uchu will lead you into ancient traditions of shamanic journeys and practical magic.

Shamanic journeys are considered the primary method used to access the other worlds where wisdom, healing, spirit helpers and guidance are found. They are used for many purposes, mainly for healing. Journeying is a powerful meditative state. It takes us into altered states of consciousness that help us work more deeply with intuitive and spiritual guidance. Shamanic drumming is used to assist the process. You do not need any special skills or prior knowledge to conduct a journey. Shamans draw their power from the spirit world. Their magic is channeled through the natural elements (water, air, earth and fire), the beings and spirits of nature, of ancestors and through dreaming. Uchu will teach you some practical techniques of how to conduct magic, working with 4 elements – fire, water, wind, earth, fruits, stones, trees etc. Shamanic magic is simple, practical and you can apply it right away to bring changes into your everyday life. Experience some ancient techniques of divination and of how to manifest and change your reality! We will conclude our seminar with a beautiful shamanic ceremony on the nearby uninhabited island.

Programs A and B are not identical. Uchu will provide different kinds of journeys and exercises in the 2 weeks he will spend with us in Harmony. Programs A and B are complementary if you choose to attend both of them.

Nagual Uchu:

Uchu2Nagual Uchu learned and practiced shamanism in Mexico, Peru and Brazil. He was part of Carlos Castaneda’s circle and he worked closely with Merilyn Tunneshende (the Nagual Woman from Don Juan’s circle). He spent years travelling all around the world, living also among African and Siberian shamans, gaining rich experience in working with energies.  He combined and integrated ancient knowledge and techniques into Urban-Modern Shamanism which is applicable in 21st century in our everyday lives.  In the last 2 decades Uchu has been teaching and coaching  ancient shamanic techniques adapted to modern life all over the world. He is currently teaching in Europe., Facebook: Nagual Uchu – Modern shamanizm

Tadeja Škorja:

Tadeja1A gifted dreamer from childhood on she discovered whole new worlds in dreaming realities through shamanic ceremonies when she formed a friendship with Nagual Uchu and started training with him. They have been working and practicing together for the past 5 years, organizing seminars and workshops throughout Europe., Facebook: Tadeja Škorja